On Feb 19th, South Asian punk band, The Kominas, celebrated 10 years of subversive punk rock with their first ever unplugged show at someone's house in Brooklyn. The goal was to raise money for the Flint water crisis.

The flyer did say "house party" but I was under the impression that it would be at an actual venue with possibly a house party theme. So when we rolled up to the address and it turned out to be a brownstone in Bed Stuy I knew this would be an interesting experience. I love when artists do something different outside of performing at music venues and chose to give their audience a completely new way to experience their music. 

We got there super early and only the band members were there when we showed up, so we got some time to kick it and chat. We talked about their tour plans and upcoming music in 2016; we'll be following their journey so stay tuned to HYFN for updates on that.

Within an hour this Bed Stuy brownstone was completely packed out with people that seemed to come from all different backgrounds. It was cool to see such a diverse audience start cheering when The Kominas started off their set with "Tujhe Dekha" from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - something you'd expect from mainly brown kids. The rest of the evening was them acoustically singing songs they usually scream into a mic, a sea of dismembered manikin parts surfing the crowd, and over $400 being raised to help the water crisis in Flint. Check all this out in the video above.

What a great evening.